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Although I didn't pass first time, Ash never made me feel under pressure and I maintained my confidence to pass on the second go.
Ash was great, best teacher i had, and if it wasn't for him i wouldn't have passed my test. He described and conducted techniques and manouvres in a way i could understand and gave me the confidence to go for my test! I Passed first time.
Ash was a fantastic driving instructor, I had no confidence when I first started and Ash was patient, supportive and always asking if I felt comfortable with everything covered through out my lessons. Had full support all the time but also have a good laugh at the same time. Would recommend Ashley to any one who is wanting to learn!!!!!
Ash was brilliant all the way through my lessons and helped me pass my theory and practical test first time, he gave me excellent advice and helped me to become a confident driver whilst making it enjoyable at the same time. It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Ash, Thanks.
Thank you so much Ash for getting me through my driving test 1st time and in such a short space of time! Your excellent tuition will always be appreciated. Couldnt ask for a more patient and pleasant driving instructor! Would recommend to everyone, you will have no regrets if you choose Ashley SOM! Wish you all the luck for the future. Kirsty xxx
thanks ash for getting me through my test first time. would recommend you to anyone learning to drive. am sure your tuesdays will be a lot easier with me not in the car !!!
THE best instructor...definatly tested his patience, luckily for me he has LOADS :-) highly recommended!!!
Thank you for getting me through my test and putting up with all my silly mistakes! So much patience.....FAB instructor! :)
Ashley you were a great instructer, you always kept your cool with mistakes i made, which made me relax when driving, i really enjoyed learning how to drive with you.
Thankyou very much, i really appricate it :)
My instructor was Anne, she is a pure legend and brilliant at training. I would recommend anyone to have lessons with her. I was previouslys with other driving schools but was messed about until I tried Ashleys. They have been professional, efficient and their only aim was to get me through my test.
As I am not particularly a sociable person, Anne was very patient and adopted a learning method that worked for me as she explained things well and kept pressure/stress to minimum.
Passed first attempt thanks to Anne & Ashleys
(cheers Anne)
Thanks Ash, I couldn't have picked a better instructor, you were so patient and friendly and really put me at ease, I will be recommending you to everyone I know who wants to learn how to drive. Thanks again x
I would be happy to recommend ash as a driving instructor to any one. Very calm and reassuring, clear and simple to understand instructions. I passed 1st time in 3 1/2 months thanks to ash. Thanks Ash
Friendly and reassuring; mistakes are backed up with firm explanations of potential hazards and dangers, resulting in safe and efficient tuition. ***** 5 stars ***** Cheers Ash.
Thanks for everything Ash, Had a great time learning with you. I would definitely recommend you too anyone. Well worth the money and you can still have a good laugh, and you always managed to keep your cool. It's been a pleasure learning with you, Thanks.
Thanks ashley, couldnt of done it with out you, well worth the money!! xx
Cheers again Ash! Excellent instructor, highly recommended :)
I have tried a few driving instructors and Ashley is by far the best. Very patient and thorough, i highly recommend him . Ashley Bartram
Thanks for everything Ash! Youve beeen a brilliant instructor, your patient, genuine and your personality helped to keep me calm and get me up to scratch for my test! I will be recommending you to everyone, you'll have my sister to teach in two years! haha get your crash helmet out now! Thanks again Ashley!!
thanks again ash, couldnt have asked for a better instructor!!! you have the patience of a saint and always gave me the confidence to keep trying . im very proud of myself all thanks to you. i will recommend you to anyone and everyone, a real down to earth and nice man.
safe driving takes time and patience and cannot be achieved in 1 week like some of these driving schools advertise!!!!
thanks again ash,, your a star!! :)
Couldn't of asked for a better instructor! Totally helped me gain my confidence on the road. Excellent instructor, very patience and has a great personality. Thanks for everything Ash!
I passed my test with Ann I never thought I would learn how to drive in a year, let alone 4 months. Lost my confidence in driving before Ann, but she made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel, and every lesson was really enjoyable!!! Thanks so much!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
ash you are a quality instructor (probly the best round here), really enjoyed my self learning to drive with you easy to get on with a genuinly nice guy and a good family friend, will recomend you to anyone/every one i know who wants to learn to drive because a think u will are a hell of a lot better than them pass plus, pass in 10 days crap. thanks again ash for teaching me and getting me passed my test! =)
Thanks Ash, youve been a great instructor to me. I've really enjoyed the lessons that i've had with him and I would sincerely recommend Ash to anyone, he's really good instructor and real nice guy. Thanks again Ash.
Ash is a top quality instructor, and is an all round nice guy. i'd recommend him to anyone since he is full of banter and is very thorough in everything required for the Test. Cheers for being a fantastic instructor Ash,
Thank you Ash for being a great instructor. You were very patient with me when I did stupid things wrong all the time :) you have been a laugh to talk to and have a good crack on hahaa! I would recommended Ash to everyone! :) Thanks Ash.
Ashley helped me on passing my driving test on the 1st of december 2009, hes really friendly and patient person to learn to drive with, even if you make a mistake he cheers you up and tells you how to improve on the next time. I would reccommend him to anybody, he gives you confidence and reminds you that you can do it. A huge thanks ash (a great instructor).
Ash is a great driving instructor he is very reliable, and friendly. passed my test 1st attempt with only two minors would recommend to anybody without a doubt takes everything step by step at your pace, again excellent driving instructor thanks for helping me pass.
Would like to say a big thanks to Ash for helping me pass my test first attempt with only 4 minors, what you get with Ashleys driving school is a help with everything you will need in preperation for your test and also the help to develop your skills and confidence for driving after your test.. i would highly recommend Ashleys' for anyone wanting to learn to drive, also as Ashley's states it takes longer than a week to become a safe and confident driver. thanks for your help Ash
Would just like to say a huge thankyou to Ashley he was a great instructor very patient, I would definitely recommend him to anybody!
Just like to say a big thanks to Ash for helping me to pass my test and to believe in myself , like my sister [ Jade ] who also passed with Ash , [ both with zero driving faults, ] Ash takes the time to explain every detail and leaves you feeling confident in yourself which is a big part in your learning, as he says you cannot become a safe driver in a week so stay away from cheap gimmicks would highly recommend Ash if you are looking for lessons . Cheers Ash
Ash is an amazing instructor i would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to start to learn. i would like to say a big thank you to him for helping me pass my test first time!
I highly recommend Ash and his team. I found the instructors very patient and they make learning to drive fun. Thanks Ash and Anne for helping me get through my driving test!! Bev xx
I would just like to say a big thanks to Ash for helping me suceed in passing my driving test, i wasnt the best driver but Ash helped me through my weaknesses and helped me gain confidence and making me a better driver and not too mention helping me pass first time !! i would highly reccomend Ash to anyone wanting to start learning to drive or even if someone wants to take up learning again as he helps you improve dramatically ! cheeers Ash !!
cheers ash for everything, al be sure too reccomend you to anyone looking for a good instructor that aswell as learning to drive you can feel comfortable with and have a good laugh with in the proccess. once again though mate thank you very much for helping me through my test.
thank you ash for getting me through my test your the best driving instructer ever i highly recomend you too everyone who would like to learn to drive.....thank you very much your a star even though you have put that awfull photo of me on here, now that!!!! im not bigging you up for hahahaha!!! love ya xxx
I would like 2 thank u loads 4 all u have done 4 me in all the support n encouragement even when i failed ist attempt ha ha the best thing i did was change to you because u r a great teacher n i would recommend u to anyone yr ace thanks Amanda
found Ash to be a really sound bloke,put alot of time an effort in to the preporation before my test making sure i knew every last detail.i would strongly reccomend him to any one who is wanting to take there test.....cheers Ash mate
Thanks so much 2 Ash, he is a total legend and really appreciate all the time he has taken 2 help me pass my test! I really would recommend Ash to any 1! He is truly the best driving instructor out there and people don't be fooled by pass in a week gimmicks, go with ash and u wont regret it! Thanks again ash for believing in me!!!
I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor, patient and a good laugh, makes learning to drive easy! Couldn't recommend Ash high enough!
Thank you so much Ash for teaching me to drive and for believing in me. I would highly reccomend Ash to anyone.Thank you!!
had a great time learning with Ash, hes a great instructor, and the proof is in the pudding! over the moon with my result, can't rate him or thank him enough :).
A great thanks to Ash, who was there offering guidence and patience though out my lessons and getting me up to where i am today, I can happily say i would pass his name to any friends or family that may lessons and thats backed up by 4 of my close freinds passing their tests during the preperation that was taken for me to pass mine. Before ash i have tried pass in a week methods but got no were and ended up a waste of money so i would say is dont be fooled my pass in a week gimics because even if you do pass it doesnt means yuor a safe driver but with Ash's guidence, professional teaching methods and resionable prices i have finnaly got it done with no worries or pressure, so thanks again Ash and its been a enjoyable road.
First off, a huge thanks to Ash for putting up with me - you've been fab. Anyone looking for a new instructor, I really would recommend Ashley's School of Motoring for his patient, friendly easy to grasp tuition. Not just in the practical, but for his help with the theory side too, you really do get an all round understanding of driving with Ashley - with a really reasonable price too! Thanks again Ash.
Thank you so much Ash for your patience and encouragement! I couldn't have asked for anything more from you; always friendly, made me feel at ease and boosted my confidence in my ability to drive. I would recommend you to everyone who wants to learn to drive. I couldn't have passed without you - First Class!!! xxx
Plenty patience even when things go wrong. Great Driving instructor and would highly recommend. Passed with 2 minors!!! Cheers Ash.
Thanks a lot ash, I would highly recommend. Great driving instructor, thanks again ASH!!!!!!
Thankyou so much Ash you are a fantastic instructor iv enjoyed every lesson with you and would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive.Thanks again for being so patient and friendly and getting me through one of the hardest challenges iv had to face love Kate x
Thanks so much for all your help and support Ash, you have the patience of a saint! High five Mr W cos we only went and got me passed - 3 minors, GEEEEEET IN!

You have been great, thanks loads again x
first up i`d like to say thank you so much Ash you have been so patient with me and i`ve loved every minute of learning to drive with you, so friendly and professional i feel so lucky to of had you, you really are the best driving instructor in the world,will be recommending you to all my friends and family,thanks again xxxx
thank you so much ash for learning me to drive cant beleave i passed today woohoooooooooo yr the best driving instructor in the world xxxx