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Great driving instructor (Ann), very patient, efficient and reliable. I would recommend Ashley's S.O.M to anybody who wants great support in the journey to passing their test.
Fab driving instructor. Would recommend to anyone.
Ash is a great driving instructor, gives excellent tuition and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Very friendly bloke with great crack, very patient and definitely would never mess anybody around. I was recommended by a friend and will be happily recommending him to other friends.
I would definately reccomend ash, great driving instructor and always friendly. Also with his help i was able to pass first time and with 0 minors! Thanks ash!
I was with Ann for my driving, and I would defiantly recommend her and Ashley's School Of Motoring to anyone! Really patient and help you with everything!!! It's a shame that it is all over now! Thanks Ann!
Great guy i would deffiantly recomend him, very patient and gets you through everything you need to know.
Would definitely recommend ash! Great driving instructor, patient and friendly, big thanks to ash for getting me through my test!
I would definitely recommend Ann, shes so patient and lovely! So easy to get along with and a right laugh! thankyou for everything!x
I would highly recommend Ash as a driving instructor to anyone!! I was really nervous but he puts you at ease straight away and has loads of patience!! I passed first time with ashleys school of motoring. Thanks again for everything Ash and thanks for not letting me give up!!
Thanks again Ashley! Couldn't have done it with out you. Your a really patient instructor. Would recommend you to anyone! Had really good lessons x
Thank you so much for everything, very good and paitent teacher put me at ease every time, would highly recommend to every one,.
Thanks again x
If anyone is looking for driving a instructor Ashley Woodcock is ya man. Patient, wicked banta reliable and made me feel at ease every lesson! Couldnt of asked for a better instructor so get booking guys! Doesn't waste time or mess ya round he's class!
Thanks Anne !!! a brilliant instructor who made me drive with confidence and ease .spoke in a language I understood not angles and degrees like my previous instructor .Anne comes highly reccomended she is easy to get along with and very patient a fantastic instructor .
glad to have learnt with Ashley, he is patient and makes you feel at ease when learning to drive. passed first time, thanks Ash!
Ash was a great instructor with a lot of patience and helped me feel confident throughout all of my lessons. Couldn't have asked for any more. Thanks again Ash!
Thank you so much for everything! would highly recommend to anybody!
such a good patient teacher that put me to ease straight away :)

Thanks again!!
Changing to Ashley from a previous instructor was the best choice i ever made. Ashley was professional yet made me feel at ease. Thank you Ashley for helping me through my learning experience. I would highly recommend you to anybody.
Passed my driving test 1st attempt with Ashleys Driving School, would really recommend you try Ash as a instructor as he helped build my confidence so i felt ready for my test and more importanly for driving after my test, its true what Ash says you cannot learn to drive SAFELY in a week so ignore the silly slogans and give Ash a ring you will not be dissapointed, thanks again Ash xx
I've passed my test on 23rd of November 2012 thanks to Ashley who's calm, supportive and patient teachings allowed me to become the driver i am today. As i started off with a different instructor and then moved to Ashley i have had the opportunity to look around the market for the best and in my opinion in finding Ashley it would have took a lot longer if i could even find an instructor which is as good. This is why i recommend Ashley's school of motoring to anyone who is planning to learn to drive.
Ashley is a great instructor, very patient, helpful and very supportive! Ash makes you feel at ease and very relaxed, he helped me pass first time and I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you very much Ashley, might even treat you to a pint at the tavern!
Thank you to Ann for helping me pass my driving test first time! could not have done it without her. She is such a brilliant instructor and would recommend her to anyone! She is such a laugh and is dead easy to get on with. She was always patient with me and made driving seem so easy! will miss her so much! thank you for everything Ann!
Ash is a great instructor he helped me with any problems I had, he was brilliant in helping me prepare for my test. I passed first time with ash and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you ash
Would like to thank Ann for all the hardwork she put me through to help me pass my test first time. Ann was lovely to drive for and was very easy to get on with, she always made you feel at ease and never had a bad word to say if you made a mistake. I would reccommend her to anyone of my friends or family. Thanks so much Ann. xxxx
Ash helped me pass first time, brilliant instructor, definitely recommend him to anyone else who wants lessons.
Cheers ash.
Thanks ash for all the help and support! Couldn't of asked for a better instructor, very patient and friendly! Cant thank you enough im chuffed to bits to have passed my practical driving test first attempt with only 4 driving faults! I would HIGHLY RECOMEND!!!!!! Xxx
Anne was my teacher and was great, i would recommend her to anyone she was very easy to get along with and relaxed me from the first lesson, i owe her a lot and will never forget her.

Thanks Ash for all your time, help and most of all patience. I never thought i would ever get through my test but i did, I would highly recommend you to all, You made things easy and kept me going when i was ready to throw the towel in. I cant thank you enough,
Anne was my teacher, got me back in to driving after having a bump over 3 year ago I was a nervous wreck! Never thought I'd be driving a 2 litre Mazda that's for sure! Patience of a saint and a bit of an agony aunt ;) thanks again Anne! Xxx
Ash is by far the best driving instructor, He kept calm and patient with me and showed me ways to do my menouvres etc in an easy and understandable way. He makes you feel at ease with no pressure, Ash got me through my test first time, safely. Ashleys S.O.M doesnt use cheap gimmics because they dont need to, their reputation speaks for itself! Would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive!

Cheers Ash for getting me through my test 1st time, Great instructor! Would reccomend to any learner drivers 10/10.
Although I didn't pass first time, Ash never made me feel under pressure and I maintained my confidence to pass on the second go.
Ash was great, best teacher i had, and if it wasn't for him i wouldn't have passed my test. He described and conducted techniques and manouvres in a way i could understand and gave me the confidence to go for my test! I Passed first time.
Ash was a fantastic driving instructor, I had no confidence when I first started and Ash was patient, supportive and always asking if I felt comfortable with everything covered through out my lessons. Had full support all the time but also have a good laugh at the same time. Would recommend Ashley to any one who is wanting to learn!!!!!
Ash was brilliant all the way through my lessons and helped me pass my theory and practical test first time, he gave me excellent advice and helped me to become a confident driver whilst making it enjoyable at the same time. It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Ash, Thanks.
Thank you so much Ash for getting me through my driving test 1st time and in such a short space of time! Your excellent tuition will always be appreciated. Couldnt ask for a more patient and pleasant driving instructor! Would recommend to everyone, you will have no regrets if you choose Ashley SOM! Wish you all the luck for the future. Kirsty xxx
thanks ash for getting me through my test first time. would recommend you to anyone learning to drive. am sure your tuesdays will be a lot easier with me not in the car !!!
THE best instructor...definatly tested his patience, luckily for me he has LOADS :-) highly recommended!!!
Thank you for getting me through my test and putting up with all my silly mistakes! So much patience.....FAB instructor! :)
Ashley you were a great instructer, you always kept your cool with mistakes i made, which made me relax when driving, i really enjoyed learning how to drive with you.
Thankyou very much, i really appricate it :)
My instructor was Anne, she is a pure legend and brilliant at training. I would recommend anyone to have lessons with her. I was previouslys with other driving schools but was messed about until I tried Ashleys. They have been professional, efficient and their only aim was to get me through my test.
As I am not particularly a sociable person, Anne was very patient and adopted a learning method that worked for me as she explained things well and kept pressure/stress to minimum.
Passed first attempt thanks to Anne & Ashleys
(cheers Anne)
Thanks Ash, I couldn't have picked a better instructor, you were so patient and friendly and really put me at ease, I will be recommending you to everyone I know who wants to learn how to drive. Thanks again x
I would be happy to recommend ash as a driving instructor to any one. Very calm and reassuring, clear and simple to understand instructions. I passed 1st time in 3 1/2 months thanks to ash. Thanks Ash
Friendly and reassuring; mistakes are backed up with firm explanations of potential hazards and dangers, resulting in safe and efficient tuition. ***** 5 stars ***** Cheers Ash.
Thanks for everything Ash, Had a great time learning with you. I would definitely recommend you too anyone. Well worth the money and you can still have a good laugh, and you always managed to keep your cool. It's been a pleasure learning with you, Thanks.
Thanks ashley, couldnt of done it with out you, well worth the money!! xx
Cheers again Ash! Excellent instructor, highly recommended :)
I have tried a few driving instructors and Ashley is by far the best. Very patient and thorough, i highly recommend him . Ashley Bartram
Thanks for everything Ash! Youve beeen a brilliant instructor, your patient, genuine and your personality helped to keep me calm and get me up to scratch for my test! I will be recommending you to everyone, you'll have my sister to teach in two years! haha get your crash helmet out now! Thanks again Ashley!!
thanks again ash, couldnt have asked for a better instructor!!! you have the patience of a saint and always gave me the confidence to keep trying . im very proud of myself all thanks to you. i will recommend you to anyone and everyone, a real down to earth and nice man.
safe driving takes time and patience and cannot be achieved in 1 week like some of these driving schools advertise!!!!
thanks again ash,, your a star!! :)
Couldn't of asked for a better instructor! Totally helped me gain my confidence on the road. Excellent instructor, very patience and has a great personality. Thanks for everything Ash!