Any Driver [ whether qualified, international or a provisional licence holder ] agrees to Ashley's School of Motoring Terms and Conditions once they have taken there first driving lesson / training session.


Driving Licenses

Your driving licence should be shown to your driving instructor in advance or at the start of your first driving lesson, it is advisable to carry your driving licence with you on all your driving lessons.


Fitness to Drive       

You should be fit to drive in terms of any medical and legal requirements. please advice your instructor of any medication or medical problems that may effect your ability to drive.  

Ashley's School of Motoring reserves the right to cancel a driver training session if the instructor suspects the driver is unfit to drive, due to alcohol or drug abuse; the lesson will be chargeable.


Payments and Cancellations

Payments for driving lessons must be recieved at the start of your lesson. Payment for block-bookings / Courses must be made at the start of each block booking or Course.

Payments made for Block bookings or Courses are not refundable and cannot be transfered to another person.

Block bookings must be used within a six month period from  recieving payment unless agreed otherwise with your instructor  

If you need to cancel a driving lesson, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required, failure to provide such notice will require the lesson to be paid in full. 


Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers must be used with six months of purchase / start date unless agreed with your instructor.    


Driving lessons / Private practice 

Please advice your instructor of any other tuition you are taking

private or otherwise, this is to avoid any confusion with lesson plans etc ( please note tuition with other instructors is not allowed whilst learning with Ashley's school of Motoring  )  not all instructors use the same teaching methods this can therefore cause problems with your lesson progress, failure to advice your  instructor can result in cancellation of any remaining lessons without refund, we advice you to discuss any concerns you may have regarding lessons with your instructor.


Practical test

On the day of your practical test, all lessons  will be paid for as normal plus one hour for the use of your instructors car for the test [ 1.5 hours for extended tests ]


Scheduled Lessons

Under normal circumstances your driving instructor will start and finish the lesson on time although due to particular circumstances such as bad weather or traffic delays your instructor may be late, a reduced fee for the lesson will be asked for or, if amicable for both yourself and your driving instructor, the lesson can run over it's allotted time, if your driving instructor cannot attend the lesson, then it can be rescheduled for a mutually convenient time. if you do not wish to reschedule and the lesson is pre-paid then the lesson will not be charged as part of the pre-paid booking, the lesson's will comply with the Highway code and UK Law. therefore as a example if the pupil is caught speeding the pupil will take any penalties awarded, if the lesson is recorded the instructor may use the recording for such things as marketing and evidence. 


Driving Lesson Location

Driving lessons will commence at a pre-arranged location and will finish at a location that is amicable with yourself and your instructor, alternative arrangements can be made with the agreement of the instructor.  


Tuition Vehicles

Tuition vecicles provided by Ashley's School of Motoring are fully insured for the purpose of driver training, taxed and fitted with dual controls, They are modern, well- maintained and roadworthy vehicles, most are fitted with cctv equipment.


Driving Tests and Bookings

Your driving instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicles for the driving test if he or she believes that you represent any danger to public safety.


Your driving instructor will ensure the test vehicle is fully road worthy and to follow all legal requirements for taking driving tests. however the instructor cannot be held responsible for vehicle failures that may accur during the test and is not liable for consequetial loss.


Your driving instructor will not be held responsible for DVSA driving test cancellations due to examiner sickness, bad weather, staff shortage or strike action. These events are beyond the control of your driving instructor and the typical fee will be charged. Your driving instructor will however advise you of compensation that can be claimed from the DVSA.


Driving Instructor code of conduct

Your instructor agree's to abide by the professional code of conduct in the unlikey event of a complaint or dispute the guidelines will be adhered to.


Your rights

These conditions do not affect any protection a pupil has under consumer legistation.



We reserve the right to change or alter any of the terms and conditions without notice, but will endeavour to inform pupils of any change as soon as possible.